Our offering of services and tools to accelerate migration processes in mainframe downsizing projects focus on:

  • Evaluation of source systems: necessary for the definition of a modernization strategy in line with IT and business objectives. The evaluation identifies the scope of the project, highlighting the criticisms and giving a correct size of the total cost and the duration of the project.
  • Proof of concept that certifies the viability of the modernization solution based on source code analysis, debugging, and conversion to code on the target platform.
  • Converting the source code :
    • Prior to code migration, we apply optimization processes (identification and removal of dead code, repeated functions, unused variables, ...), being able to apply custom rules derived from each installation.
    • Automated migration from source programs to languages defined for the target platform; conversion of JCLs into shell script, mainframe cobol programs to open cobol or java, CICS programs to html/javascript (frontend) and cobol or java (backend), Easytrieve programs (o EARL) to cobol programas or reporting platforms (such as BIRT).
  • Testing on the new environment: defining test strategies and test scenarios Coordination of functional tests (parallel between the 2 environments) and execution of the load and stress tests.
  • Start-up and post-start support.


Many legacy applications have been developed with technologies that are currently out of support, such as Delphi, Clipper or Visual Basic 6. This supposes a huge technological risk due to obsolescence. The Alight tool allows to automatically modernize those applications and generate them back into a current technology such as Java or HTML5+Javascript.


In legacy installations it is common to find a multitude of tools and technologies installed, and even different versions of them, supporting different parts of the same application, for example in the case of report generators such as Easytrieve or EARL in mainframe enviroments, which coexist with other applications written in COBOL. These tools are often associated high licensing costs. With the Alight tool we can develop an automated solution to update older versions of these tools in a single or even replace those duplicate technologies into the selected as the best. we have experience in conversion engines from Easytrieve to JCL + COBOL and from EARL to BIRT.



Análisis de código

The static code analysis done by Go4IT Alight provides a great value in the initiatives of modernization of applications, offering:

  • An inventory of all the code components in the legacy system, providing flowcharts and dependency analysis. This information, together with the analysis of the complexity of the code (using algorithms of cyclomatic complexity) allow obtaining a cost and time estimation of the migration process.
  • Support on the optimization processes to be applied on the source code. These processes can be:
    • Standards offered by the tool: dead code, functions and repeated variables,...
    • Tailor-made based on the specific needs of each facility, such as identifying business rules in front-end, discouraged programming practices,…
  • Recommendations about the software architectures to which code conversion can be more efficient, based on the development models used in the source systems.


In some older installations, as IBM mainframe, the development tools available to programmers do not have currently available the productivity tools for development environments, such as code autocomplete, verification, search for functions. This problem has two types of cost overruns: low productivity and MIPS consumed by programming errors. Our Fast tool allows to solve both problems, providing developers with a modern programming environment, increasing productivity through code generation engines and reducing compilation errors in HOST. In addition, Fast can be used with any programming language and the generation templates are fully customizable.